2020 /  90’ / Color / Turkey Germany USA

Director:  Nisan Dağ

Screenplay: Nisan Dağ

Music : Da Poet (Ozan Erdoğan) ,  Angus MacRae

Cinematography: John Wakayama Carey

Art Director : Sıla Karakaya

Editing : Kristen Swanbeck , Özcan Vardar

Cast : Oktay Çubuk, Hayal Köseoğlu, Eren Çiğdem, Ushan Çakır, Müfit Kayacan

Producer : Müge Özen

Production:  SOLIS FILM

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Set in a rough neighborhood of Istanbul, where hip-hop subculture has become the voice of the youth, When I’m Done Dying follows Fehmi, a 19-year-old aspiring rapper. Fehmi is addicted to bonzai, a cheap and deadly drug that jeopardizes his dreams of making a rap album. When Fehmi crosses paths with Devin, an affluent DJ, they fall hard for each other and find the inspiration they were lacking. But the flaming love of this unlikely duo soon becomes toxic. Fehmi’s rap dreams drift further away but he takes refuge in his passion for music and keeps chasing. 


Nisan Dağ started her storytelling journey as a teenager with animated shorts.

After graduating from Columbia University’s MFA Film Program in 2013 as a

Fulbright scholar, she co-directed her feature debut ACROSS THE SEA. The

film competed and won several awards in prestigious festivals worldwide.

Nisan directed a documentary episode for MTV’s Rebel Music Series in 2015

with rappers from Istanbul’s slums, which led her to write and develop her

second feature WHEN I’M DONE DYING. The film is supported by Eurimages,

Hamburg Film Fund, Visions Sud Est and Berlinale Co-Production Market and

it’s picked up by Magnolia Pictures for world sales. When I’m Done Dying

recently had it’s world premiere in the main competition of Tallinn Black

Nights Film Festival where Nisan won the ‘Best Director’ prize. Nisan is

currently directing for Netflix series MIDNIGHT AT THE PERA PALACE and

she’s developing new film and series projects.