2021 /  102’ / Color / Turkey

Director:  Barış Sarhan

Screenplay: Barış Sarhan

Music : Taner Yücel

Cinematography: Soykut Turan

Art director : Billur Turan

Editing : Evren Luş

Cast : Ozan Çelik, Nesrin Cavadzade, Alican Yücesoy, Cezmi Baskın, Başar Alemdar, Fuat Kökek, Sennur Nogaylar, Ülkünur Arslan
Producer : Umut Eğitimci , Barış Sarhan

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Long-suffering mall cop Cemil auditions for the bad guy role in a remake of a Turkish B-movie from the ‘60s from the so-called Yeşilçam era. Even while teaming up with a female colleague whose father played the vintage bad guy, Cemil doesn’t have a chance in hell. A true underdog, he keeps pushing for the role until the role gets him…




Barış Sarhan was born in 1983 in Istanbul. He graduated with honors in 2005 with a Bachelor’s in graphic design from Marmara University. He worked as an art director and graphic designer in the leading advertising agencies in Turkey. He has several design and advertising awards in local & international festivals. His first short film Terlik/Slippers was one of the most awarded short films in Turkey in 2010. He studied film in New York University. Cemil Show is his first feature film.