2019 / 96 ’ /Color / Turkey

Director:  Ümit Ünal

Screenplay: Ümit Ünal

Cinematography: Türksoy Gölebeyi

Art director : Elif Taşçıoğlu

Editing : Melike Kasaplar

Cast : Selen Uçer, Ece Dizdar, Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu

Producer : Ümit Ünal, Tayfur Aydın

Distributor: Başka Sinema


After not having seen each other for 20 years, two women are reunited on the small Turkish island where, as teenagers, they first fell in love. What is the mysterious force that binds them together after all this time? And what can they do about it?


Born in 1965 in Turkey, Ümit Ünal is the scriptwriter for eight feature films including Teyzem

(My Aunt) (1986), Hayallerim, Askim ve Sen (My Dreams, My Love and You) (1987).

His first feature film as a director is 9 (Dokuz, 2001) which won many awards in various film

festivals and was the Official Turkish Entry for the 2003 Academy Award for Best Foreign

Language Film.

He wrote and directed eight feature films including Istanbul Tales (Anlat İstanbul, 2004), Ara

(2007), Shadowless (008). The Voice (Ses, 2010), The Pomegranate (Nar, 2011)

(2017)The Secrets of the Turkish Cuisine (Sofra Sırları) .

He has published four books: A collection of short stories, two novels and an autobiography.