2021 / 80 ’ /Color /Turkey Germany France

Director:  Hakkı Kurtuluş , Melik Saraçoğlu

Screenplay: Hakkı Kurtuluş , Melik Saraçoğlu

Music : Murat Kemaloğlu , Noyan Coşarer

Cinematography: Sedat Şahin

Editing : Melik Saraçoğlu

Narrator:  Altan Erkekli

Producer : Hakkı Kurtuluş , Melik Saraçoğlu

Production:  İki Film,  FFF ,  Lifeweaver

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Uncurable is the (hi)story of Abdullah Kozan who spent 47 years of his life as patient in a state hospital named “Homeland”.


Born in 1980, in Istanbul. He studied communication, film and German studies at the Universities of Galatasaray, Lyon, Paris, Tübingen, Weimar and Berlin. A graduate of Lumière University and old fellow of École Normale Supérieure, Kurtulus holds an MA and a PhD degree from École Pratique des Hautes Études-Sorbonne and Université Paris 8. Kurtulus, who has made three feature fictions and two documentaries so far, lectures at Berlin International University and CIEE.


Born in 1984, in Istanbul, Melik Saracoglu is a filmmaker, scriptwriter, editor and author. He studied film and literature in the double major program of Lumière University Lyon 2 in France and at the University of Vienna. Since 2009, he wrote, directed, produced and edited three feature films, two feature documentaries and several short films which he won many worldwide prizes with. In 2015 his first novel, in 2018 his second one were published.

Common Filmography

2013 Gözümün Nuru

2011  Bergmanya’ya Yolculuk / Journey to Bergmania

2009  Orada / There