History of International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival

The first Adana Film Festival was organised in 1969, by Adana Municipality and Adana Cinema Club. The festival was named ‘Golden Boll Film Festival’ which symbolises cotton, the famous product of Çukurova.Golden Boll Film Festival flourished day by day with the valuable contribution of Turkish Film Archives and became one of the major culture and arts activities of our country.

Since 1969, Golden Boll Film Festival keeps supporting Turkish Cinema with the awards.The very first Golden Boll awards were distributed like;

  • Best Film: KUYU
  • Best Director: METİN ERKSAN-KUYU

Golden Boll Film Festival was organised 5 times, until 1973. But the following 18 years, the festival couldn’t be organised because of economical impossibilities. On great request of public and arts communities, Adana Municipality decided to start the festival again in 1992. During these 18 years, there was a big emptiness in culture and arts life of Adana. So the Film Festival was reshaped as a culture and arts festival.

Golden Boll Culture and Arts Festival in 1992, included‘National Feature Films’ competition and a ‘Student Films’ competition for the first time in Turkey. By rewarding student films,Adana supported young filmmakers and the future of Turkish Cinema. In addition to film competitions; painting, theatre, music, photography and intellectual works of many artists were brought to art-lover people of Adana.

In 1998, an earthquake occured in Adana. Metropolitan Municipality decided not to organise the Golden Boll Festival and used the festival budget for the earthquake victims. And in 1999 Marmara earthquake occured and national mourning was declared. The festival budget of 1999 was used for the victims of Marmara earthquake.

After 1999, Golden Boll continued the culture and arts activites, but there was a 7 years break of festival organisation. 12th Golden Boll Culture and Arts Festival was organised in 31th May-5th June of 2005. The festival has been organised continuously since 2005. By adding the ‘World Cinema Anthology’, ‘Mediterrenean Films Anthology’ and ‘Mediterrenean Countries International Short Film Competition’to its content, the festival developed an international identity. Golden Boll Film Festival has become an international cinema platform whichhosts many Turkish filmmakers and nearly 1000 international proffesionals who work on various areas of cinema sector.A wide range of films from many countries are shown on the festival and nearly 100.000 art-lovers attend the festival every year.

In 2019, the festival is renamed as ‘International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival’ and going to be organised between the dates of 23rd-29th of September 2019.Quarter century years old International Adana Golden Boll Film Festivalkeeps developing and serving for Turkish Cinema and World Cinema.

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