2015 / 117 ’ / DCP / Color / Turkey

Director:  Emin Alper

Screenplay: Emin Alper

Music : Cevdet Erek

Cinematography: Adam Jandrup

Art director : İsmail Durmaz

Editing : Osman Bayraktaroğlu

Cast : Mehmet Özgür, Berkay Ateş, Müfit Kayacan, Tülin Özen, Ozan Akbaba

Producer : Nadir Öperli, Enis Köstepen, Cem Doruk

Production:  Liman Film


22nd  International Golden Ball Film Festival

Best Film, Best Editing, Best Art Director



Istanbul is in the grip of political violence. Hamza, a high-ranking police officer offers Kadir a conditional release from prison. To be released he has to accept to work in the new intelligence unit of garbage collectors. Kadir accepts, and starts collecting trash from the shanty towns, checking to see whether it contains material related to bomb-making. Kadir finds his younger brother Ahmet in one of those neighborhoods. Ahmet works at the municipality as part of a team responsible for destroying stray dogs. Ahmet’s unwillingness to bond with Kadir as brothers, in spite of Kadir’s insistance, lead Kadir to plot conspiracy theories to explain Ahmet’s distance.




Born in 1974, Emin Alper was trained in economics and history and holds a Ph.D in Modern Turkish History. His first feature, ‘Beyond the Hill’ (2012), received numerous awards, including the Caligari Film Prize from the Berlin International Film Festival; it was named Best Film in the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. He teaches in the Humanities and Social Sciences Department at Istanbul Technical University. His second feature Abluka (Frenzy, 2015) has premiered at Venice Film Festival Competiton.



2012 Beyond the Hill