2021 / 94 ’ /Color /Turkey

Director:  Muhammet Çakıral

Screenplay: Muhammet Çakıral

Music : Olcay Bozkurt

Cinematography: Emre Karadaş

Art director : Aliaddin Aksoy

Editing : Ömer Günüvar

Cast : Cansu Fırıncı, Güliz Gencoğlu, Metin Coşkun, Ülkü Hilal Çiftçi, Ümit Çırak, Yalın İşnel, İhsan İlhan,Aslı Bankoğlu

Producer : Muhammet Çakıral

Production:  Trabezunta Film Reklam ve Org. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

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Dark Blue Night tells the story of the socio-economic distress of the low-income working class in Turkey. Semih, pursues his dream of becoming a footballer, unlike his friends who become miners. Unable to find a job in a club, he starts having difficulties, falls into deep credit debt. Married and having a daughter, Semih’s only pillar is his father Kazım, a retired miner and union representative. Although his father forbade him due to having been lost his other son in a mine accident, he starts to work as miner. Soon after Semih loses his arm during an accident. The mine owners offer to pay blood money. Semih first leans towards this idea that everybody else accepts, with the death of his father, his mind is changed. His unstable mood also causes conflicts with his wife. She leaves home. On the one hand, Semih pursues his legal struggle and on the other, he works hard to get his family back.


Çakıral started filming with his movie “Waiting for the Clouds”. Later, he mostly wrote and directed documentaries and gave workshops about “making a documentary film”. His long feature film “As the Swallows Got Thirsty” (2014) competed in the world premiere of the 27th Tokyo International Film Festival for “Best Asian Film” and “The Spirit of Asia” awards. This film is the first long feature film written and directed by Muhammet Çakıral. In 2014, Çakıral participated in the “Producing Workshop” trainings of The New York Film Academy. Currently, Çakıral is in the thesis stage of his master’s degree at Marmara University, Department of Radio, Television and Cinema, Department of Cinema.
He did write culture-arts and anecdotes in various newspapers. Çakıral has four published short story books: The Masters of Shamiram (2004), Black Sea was Always Grey (2006), The People Who Smell like Earth (2008) and the People who Smell like Fog (2015)


2014   Kırlangıçlar Susamışsa  / As the Swallows Got Thirsty