2021 / 74 ’ /Color /Turkey

Director:  Erkan Tahhuşoğlu

Screenplay: Erkan Tahhuşoğlu

Cinematography: İlker Berke

Art director : Ö. Devrim Ünal

Editing : Fikret Reyhan

Cast : Emel Göksu , Ayşe Demirel, Elif Ürse

Producer : Zeynep Koray, Yunus Yunusoğlu, İris Tahhuşoğlu

Production:  ZK Film Ltd Şti, Şiyara Film

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The Corridor is the story of two old sisters who have totally opposite characters and had to live together. They are carried to loneliness, they can’t socialize neither to each other nor to anyone else. They fall into despair and wicked behaviors but never hurt anyone else but themselves and each other. This is an ironic drama where their effort to settling accounts with life, past, mother, father, family, hopes, expectations has never and will never finish.


Between the years 1992-1996 he studied graphic design in Eskişehir Anadolu University-Fine Arts Faculty. He continued his study on Communication Design in 1998 at Braunschweig University-Fine Arts Faculty. He founded ‘Şiyara Film Production’ in 2013. He co-directed his debut film “Verge” in 2016. He lives and works in İstanbul.


2016   Eşik  / Verge

2018    Kalanlar / Leftovers  ( Short Documentary )

2016   Karanlıkta Işıklar  /  Lights in Darkness  ( Documentary)