2021 / 94 ’ / Color / Turkey

Director:  Ali Karaköse

Screenplay: Meral Çolak Karaköse,  Ali Karaköse

Music : Naile Ahmedova

Cinematography: Meral Çolak Karaköse

Art director : Yener Aksu

Editing : Meral Çolak Karaköse,  Ali Karaköse

Cast : Kuzey Ali Karaköse, Ali Karaköse, Mehmet Karaköse, Meral Çolak Karaköse, Hamide Çolak, Mahir Uslubaş, Beyhan Yeni, Zeynep Yeni

Producer : Ali Karaköse

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Ali is a 43 year old cameraman. With the birth of his son, he turns his camera to his own life. Ali, who is very interested in the care of his son, tries to prove to his father that it is possible to take care of a child alone, under the influence of his childhood with a stepmother. Unable to escape his usual life cycle, he returns to his father and bids farewell to his son.

Good Times is a film-within-a-film narrative that takes place in a time loop between fathers and sons, from childhood to childhood. It wants to emphasize the continuous relationship and integrity of human history and personal history, present and past, pain and happiness, reality and reflection, and of course art and life. The only condition for an outdated life in a fairy tale is to be able to accept the once-in-a-lifetime law.


He was born in Adana in 1964. He graduated from Gazi University Electrical-Electronics Department. He started to work in Ankara State Opera and Ballet video production department since 1998. He has shot many documentaries, short films, credits, promotional and stage components.

He shot his first professional documentary film “Bezden Pabuç” in 2000. In the same year, he won the first prize in the Professional Documentary Film category of the 12th Ankara International Film Festival with his work Bezden Pabuç. Beautiful Times is the director’s first feature film.